• Commitment to renewable energy with the 86-panel solar energy system located on the roof of a flex property on Riverview Ave in Newton. This system is estimated to generate ~30,000 KWH a year and net zero the cost of electricity for two different commercial properties the company owns
  • LEED AP BD+C accredited full time staff member
  • Capasso Realty‚Äôs commitment to green/open space is seen at each of their properties
  • Commitment to renewable resources. Well water for irrigation as opposed to potable municipal water
  • Since their founding in 1967 the company has planted hundreds of trees at their Newton properties
  • Actively works to educate tenants about waste prevention and recycling at all commercial and residential properties
  • Constantly works with tenants about conserving resources: water conservation and efficient heating
  • Working on converting all common area lights to high efficiency LED which use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer
  • Mass Save Business Partner. Working to increase insulation at multiple residential properties which has led to a decrease in heat and energy waste