Tenant Info

Important Contact Information

Capasso Realty Main Office: 617-965-5666

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm ET

Capasso Realty Fax: 617-965-5410

General Email Inquiries: office@capassorealty.com

Capasso Realty 24 hour Emergency Line: 617-413-7613

For Emergency calls only. Examples: No heat, running water, broken pipes

Auto Coin Laundry: 781-894-6600*
*Third party Laundry Vendor. Please call for all Laundry Issues

Utility Companies to call prior to your move in to put the bills in your name:

  • Eversource (Electric): 800-592-2000
  • National Grid (Cooking gas, if applicable): 617-469-2300